Introducing Elder Dillon Riding's blog. We hope to post all the emails that Elder Riding will be sending to us, and all the pictures that he takes. We are looking forward to the adventures that he will have.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

He is really enjoying Australia.

We got these awesome pictures yesterday in front of the Adelaide Temple!

Elder Riding is doing well!!! He is really enjoying Australia. He says they ride their bikes a lot and walk to most places. There are no highways there so they have to weave in and out of the suburbs. He hasn't seen any cool animals yet like koala bears, kangaroos, or big Spiders but he is sure he will! They have a few possible baptisms scheduled for May 21st if they are willing to commit to the Mormon Life style. He really loves his companions and is learning so much about the gospel and the people of Australia. Both of his Companions are Zone leaders. Elder Leutele is from New Zealand and Elder Ellingson is from Arizona. He says that his "Flat" or Apartment is super small. The kitchen only fits 2 people and he gets to sleep in the top bunk bed. They have a washer and dryer to do laundry so that is super nice. He is staying super busy and they are on a pretty tight schedule daily. Elder Riding says Australia is just like America except they drive on the wrong side of the road (haha). There are no big trucks there just smaller size trucks on the roads. He has eaten at Hungry Jacks which is like a Burger King chain in America. It cost him $21 for two burgers fries and drink! Things are super expense there. He wants everyone to know that he loves and misses everyone.

Monday, April 17, 2017

ARRIVED!!... finally...

So last night around 11 o'clock, after not hearing from Dillon, Rhett sent the office missionaries an email asking them if Dillon had arrived. He did arrive last Wednesday, but they emailed Rhett to an old email address and they sent another email to Tiffany's hotmail account but unfortunately never arrived.  Both of those email addresses had been updated but something must have gone wrong. So attached is the email that should have been received last Wednesday.

We are just so grateful that he is there safe and sound!!

12 April 2017

Dear Family,

Elder Dillon Jay Riding has arrived in the Australia Adelaide Mission safely. Sister Parker and I are mindful of the great trust you have placed in us by sharing your son. When he arrived, we met him at the airport and he was taken to the mission office to be introduced to the Senior Couple office staff and Assistants to the President for orientation and photographs. Our interview was followed by dinner and testimonies at the adjacent church building with the other arrivers and Senior Couple office staff.

Elder Riding’s companions are Elder Dean Jordan Leutele from New Zealand, and Elder Quinn Jacob Ellingson from USA. Theyare serving in the Prospect area of the Firle zone. We are including a picture of Elder Riding with President and Sister Parker.


Australia Adelaide Mission Office
PO Box 97
Marden SA 5070 Australia

I am aware that the Lord blesses, in many special ways, the families of missionaries. As your son serves, you will find that to be very true. Your support is greatly appreciated.

(Missionaries are allowed to send and receive email from family and friends only.) They check their emails at the local library on preparation day, which is usually Monday.

Warmest Regards,

President R. Jeffrey Parker

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Elder Riding finally arrived!!
A flight attendant texted a picture of Elder Riding during his long 15 hour flight to Sydney, Australia.
Elder Dillon Riding flew from Ontario, California to San Francisco (which was a 1hr flight) and then from there he flew to Sydney Australia (which has taken him 15 hours).  He still has another flight yet to go- Sydney to Adelaide (1 hour and 55 minute flight).  Taking in his 2 hour lay-over in Sydney, he should arrive in Adelaide around 7pm tonight Tuesday April 11, 2017 (Utah time).  However just to keep everything in perspective, it will be 10am in Adelaide Wednesday April 12, when he finally arrives there.

Paul, the flight attendant said that he loved having the missionaries on board. He sent this text to Rhett and Tiffany just after they had landed safely in Sydney.

In T- 6 hours I'll be starting my adventure to Australia.

Well the time has come! In T- 6 hours I'll be starting my adventure to Australia. My flight leaves at 8,  I'm super excited! It's gonna be awesome. I fly out of Ontario airport and I land in San Francisco, then from San Francisco I make the 15 hour flight to Sydney.  Then from Sydney, I fly to Adelaide. I only have about 1 hour lay overs at all my stops so it wont be that bad. 

WOW, its been crazy with how much I have learned here in Californian.  I am so blessed and thankful for the opportunity that I had to serve here.  I've grown to love this place and the people here. It's crazy to look back and see how far I have come in such a short amount of time. It's only been 2 months that I've been out here and I've learned more about life and this Gospel then I have in my whole 18 years, and I still have 22 months left.  I still have a ways to go, but I'm ready to face it head on, because,  I know with God on our side we can conquer anything that stands before us.

Thanks for all the love and support.

Endure to the End, 
Love, Elder Riding 

Thursday, April 6, 2017 we taught him about the restoration and the priesthood...

 My week has been pretty good just one thing happened this week.
This last Wednesday we taught a member and her nonmember boyfriend. He agreed to take the lessons so we taught him about the restoration and the priesthood. At the end of the lesson He asked for a blessing and choose me  to give the blessing. At the end of the blessing he said he felt something and wondered what that was and we told him that it was the Holy Ghost telling him that these things we have taught are true. He said he wanted to feel that more often so we talked about baptism and how the Holy Ghost can be our constant companion and he said he wants that, so we set a date for him to be baptized and sadly I wont be here. But if all goes well he will be baptized. So that was a really cool experience. 

Cant wait to Head to Australia!!

Love Elder Riding

P-study at the church this morning. waiting for the blitz. love you lots